What is Wetshaving

The name is pretty self-explanatory, really.  Wetshaving is simply shaving while your face is wet with plenty of hot water.

Traditionally, the meaning of the term wetshaving is used to also encompass the use of a shaving brush and glycerin-based soaps or creams, all of which facilitate in keeping your face wet.

Technically, the term wetshaving could be used to describe the sacreligious practice of raking a Bic across your face after a shower.  After all, your face is wet.  But this site is all about coming to know better, and I'll be invoking the term in the traditional sense every time you see it.

Tradition only goes so far, of course, and I've decided to use the term as one word, rather than the more commonly seen "wet shaving."  Seeing it as one word just seems to give it its own definition, sort of a sum of its parts kind of theory.  Feel free to use them interchangably.  Wetshave, wet shave, pə-tā'tō, pə-tah'tō.