This is where your personality begins to come out.  Are you a tough-guy Williams soap kind of guy, or are you a Nancy Boy.  You can get creams with just about any scent you can possibly think of.  Lavender, avacado, etc.  You name it, someone has thought of it.


One of my absolute favorites, and not because I'm part Italian.  It's been the best selling shaving cream in Italy for over 50 years, and that many olive-skinned Italian men can't be wrong.

Rich in eucalyptus and glycerin goodness, it's got a helluva kick when you rinse your face with cold water at the end of the shave.  It's kind of like getting out of the steam room and taking a dunk in the 62-degree contrast bath at the gym.

It'll wake your ass right up.

Proraso also makes a really great pre-shave.  A dab on your fingertips, rubbed into your skin, and let it marinate while you prepare your lather.  So slick you'll have a tough time gripping your razor.

It also sells for about $10 at Target, of all places.

Musgo Real
This stuff smells like fresh-cut grass on a spring morning, and works really well without a brush for those mornings you're Carl Lewis-ing it out the door.  Still comes in a metal toothpaste tube to give you that traditional feeling.

I don't even know what the hell Lanolin is, but this stuff's got a lot of it, and I like it. 


Colonel Conk
My personal favorite.  The Bay Rum scent is one of the best I've found, with the Almond not too far behind.  This stuff is tailor-made for straight razor shaving, as it seems to hold water better than other soaps I've tried, and especially creams.

It also seems to have more glycerin added to it than other soaps, and let me tell ya that blade just glides, the way God intended.