It’s Black

Consarnit they've done it again.  Just when you think Gillette is out of ideas, just when you think they've reached the zenith of innovation in men's grooming technology, they hit us in the solar plexus while we're still catching our collective breath from their last contribution to sharp things.  Rumor has it that the Gillette Fusion Power Phantom is not far away, and its latest innovation is going to melt your face.  You ready for this?  It's black.

Seems Gillette has finally gotten enough flack for the Fusion, not because nobody really needs 5 blades and a power source, but because the blue and orange color scheme is a little… feminine.  These colors may fine for a professional ball player in Queens, but it doesn't project that image of manliness that Gillette's trying to project.  Unless they're trying for the metro market, but that really only makes sense if you're using this thing to shave off your testicles.

So black it is.  Frankly I think it was a good move, but it really shows Gillette's greed.  When King Camp Gillette introduced the idea of disposable razor blades, he was really introducing the concept of the loss leader… selling the razor at a loss, knowing that the real profit was in the blades.  Genious really.  Buy razor once, replace blades forever.  But now Gillette is trying to have its cake and it too.  Maybe they designed the first go around, the Fusion Flaming, that way intentionally, getting people to snatch them up, maybe a little disappointed in the color, but snatching them up anyway.  So now they're black.  They're still ten bucks worth of cheap plastic, and a new "line" means men everywhere are going to be buying these too.  Shame on us, really, because we're supporting this obscene behavior.  We proved that with the Mach 3.  "Hold the phone, it's a slightly different color and called the Nitro?!  This I've gotta have!"