Colonel Conk

Colonel Conk Shaving Soap Bay RumMy Dovo Shavette Review went over pretty well, so I thought I'd start writing about the wetshaving products I've really liked. Today… Colonel Conk.

I found the Colonel pretty early in my wetshaving kick, mostly because his stuff is inexpensive. As I pleasantly found out, this is not a reflection in quality.

The products are outstanding. The soaps smell great, and are full of super-looby-glycerin-goodness, and of course dirt cheap – $3.50 for a 3.5 oz cake. If you're not familiar with shaving with cake soap, believe me that these will last forever. I got one of each scent (amber, almond, bay rum, and key lime) about a year ago, and all four look just about brand-new.

My $25 brush is from Colonel Conk as well, and it's a perfect entry-level badger brush. Nothing spectacular, but a great starter brush. It's the one I settled on after trying to sneak a couple of cheap boar-bristle brushes by my face's quality assurance tests.

So far, I don't have a single bad thing to say about Colonel Conk, save for their website. At this point in the development of the internet, it's a little off-putting to have to write down catalog numbers and enter them into an online order form rather than clicking an "add to cart" button. Combine that with the overall aesthetics of the site, and you'd be forgiven for thinking that the site has been all but abandoned. I was expecting my order to show up in 6-8 weeks, à la the time-frame for direct response mail-order from twenty years ago. I got my stuff in a week and I was happy.

If you're new to wetshaving and you're looking for a good, cheap, jumping off point, I highly recommend Col Conk’s wetshaving gear.