Welcome to Wetshaving!

This site is a dedication, an instruction manual, and something of a shrine to the nearly lost art of traditional wetshaving.

Inside you'll find articles written from the perspective of an ex-user of cartridge razors and a born-again wetshaver who remembers quite well everything it took to make a major change in his morning routine.

It's also very much about promoting large-scale social and environmental awareness and change through something so minute as how you spend a couple minutes after your morning shower.

In addition to being cheaper and just plain fun, there is a deep-seeded philosophy behind wetshaving that applies to other aspects of life:

Take your time.

Do it carefully.

Do it right.

Take care of your tools.

Buy quality.

Furthering this philosophy is the need to tune-in to marketing speak and learn how to see through what you're being told.

Absorb it.

Think about it.

Question it.

Weigh the facts.

Make an informed and well thought-out decision before spending money unnecessarily.

Wake up to the fact that people are being paid a lot of money to lie to you and convince you that you need something that you know deep down you really don't.

So read, learn, think, and have fun.